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DSDI Info – what is it?

  • DSDI Info is a platform which enables development of individual applications for mobile devices.

  • These applications make it possible to present multimedia content of informative and promotional nature.

  • The system works together with DSDi Beacon wireless devices.

  • The user can decide on their own what function DSDi Beacons will perform as well as add and modify multimedia content in the application.


W H A T   A R E    
D S D I   B E A C O N S ?

DSDi Beacons are small wireless devices which can be fixed in any place, e.g. inside an intercom terminal, CCTV video camera, access and control reader, signalling device or other security systems. Their operation is similar to radio beacons whereby they send BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) radio signals, which can be easily received by a dedicated application on the user’s smartphone, and their range can be adjusted.




O F   U S E    O F
T H E    A P P L I C A T I O N

Towns, communes, districts
Arrangement of DSDi Beacons in a town or commune can be compared to putting up tens or hundreds of signs which can serve a variety of functions. In conjunction with an appropriate application on a mobile device, beacons can serve informative, warning and promotional functions. Thanks to the use of the DSDI Info system, it is possible to create attractive tourist routes, field games or sports events.

Shops, hotels, restaurants
The application allows attractive presentation of the services provided. Customers receive current information on available products in a shop or services provided by a hotel or restaurant. The system also enables you to send to users personalised information on selected promotions and discounts.

Amusement parks
In addition to basic information on available attractions (descriptions of attractions, map with their locations, price list, etc.), the system makes it possible to create individual offers and promotions. The arrangement of DSDi Beacons in an amusement park allows “guiding” customers to selected attractions. For instance, a customer gets a discount for the next entrance to the amusement park once they have visited 5 attractions.

Public transport
Implementation of the DSDI Info system in public transport (buses, trams, trains) makes it possible to inform passengers in real time about changes in the timetable, delays or traffic jams). It can also be used to promote the services of a carrier or be an advertising medium for external companies.

Museums, galleries
Using the DSDI Info platform allows you to increase the attractiveness of  exhibitions. Placed by the exhibits, the DSDi Beacons enable visitors to obtain additional multimedia content and information on a given item. At the same time, the use of Bluetooth technology does not disturb visually the exhibition space.
B A S I C   F U N C T I O N S
A N D   A D V A N T A G E S   O F   T H E   S Y S T E M

The ability to design the GUI of the application.

The ability to choose specific functions of the application, such as an events calendar, a map, a bookmark with links to social networks, news, etc.
Creation of descriptions of products, exhibits or tourist attractions complemented with multimedia materials (photos, audio files, videos).

Added or modified materials are updated in real time in the mobile application.
Intuitive and user-friendly administrative panel which allows you to add and modify the content of the application.
The ability to generate statistics.

The ability to install DSDi Beacons in any location without the need to erect additional infrastructure (DSDi Beacons are battery powered) or using the existing devices/infrastructure (USB port powered DSDI Beacon).
DSDi Beacons can be used by various applications – the same device can activate an advertisement and trigger the creation of an administrative message or tourist information on a mobile device at the same time.
The ability of free expansion of the system’s functionality by adding more apps for mobile devices.
The DSDi Beacon devices are perfectly secure – despite communication with the user, they do not emitate, gather or store any users personal data
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C O N T A C T   U S

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